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General Dentistry

General & Family Dentistry

We provide expert preventative & restorative dental care for patients of all ages in a clean, comfortable, and safe environment.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

Get a smile you’ll be proud to share with our smile makeover service. All of our cosmetic treatments are designed to give a natural look of perfection.

Emergency Dentist

Emergency Dentistry

Whether you’ve lost or broken a tooth in an accident or been struck by unexplained dental pain, we’re here to help in any kind of emergency.

We specialize in a full range of dental services

Healthy Teeth for a Lifetime

Protect & perfect your smile today with our complete range of dental services


Viva Dental Group employees demonstrate a high level of concern, compassion, care, and understanding for each other and for our patients.


At Viva Dental Group, we aim to provide a mutually comfortable atmosphere for both our patients and our staff. Further, we strive to create a painless and positive experience for our patients.


Viva Dental Group offices provide a clean and sterile working environment, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment.


At Viva Dental Group, we strive to improve the quality of care we provide our patients through continued education for employees, weekly meetings, morning huddles, and Quality Care Surveys, which encourage (and reward) patient input.


Viva Dental Group employees value knowledge and excellence and strive to advance their education in dental healthcare.


At Viva Dental Group, all employees and business partners treat each other and our patients with the utmost respect, dignity, integrity, and honor.

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